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I was very fond of cooking since childhood.

My first interaction was ... Since childhood Grandma used to go to the kitchen as a magician, then all she needed to say was a magic word. Grandma used to go to the kitchen and make something, so it seemed that this is a very powerful place. So being a stubborn self that I have to learn this magic from my grandmother.

When I first joined the institute, I felt that if I have a relationship with food, a knife in my hand does not matter. It's a relationship that matters.

Many times you just do it and believe that what we are doing will get back. When I am in the kitchen, it is the passion that whatever creation is in my mind has to reach the par and after that there is a faith that when I open the lid on the fire, the biryani will be good.


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A kitchen geek is what they called me and I've always been! It's a proud little name I'll take other than being called chef obviously.

Baking gives me the amount of pleasure no other thing can give, and deciding to dedicate my life to it is one of the best decisions I've made, other than eating the whole chocolate cake obviously! ;)


Sweet Tooth, I've always had! So, I needed to make sure I satisfy my cravings everyday! A passion for cooking and teaching is what you'll see in this secret recipe book! Shhhh!

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Celebrity Chef and author Chef Taruna Birla  wish is for kids of all ages to be introduced and love the art of cooking.

Hence the birth of this book with simple, fun and delicious recipes anyone can try.

The 20 recipes included are divided into three categories. Drinks, Main Course and Desserts.

The illustrations aid children to visually perceive the recipe. From Quiche  to Brownies, the selections are nutritious, ingredients easy to obtain, fun to cook and delicious to the palate.

Cooking Skills are life skills. This is not only a great first cookbook for the little curious chefs but also for adults who want to fix up some quick meals!


Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.

Sanjeev Kapoor, Celebrity Chef


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