5 Hacks to mastering the Indian Cuisine

As some sources may say, Indian Cuisine is known to be 8,000 years old.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Indian_cuisine#:~:text=Indian%20cuisine%20reflects%20%20an%208%2C000,found%20in%20modern%2Dday%20India.
We’ve all been known to the fact that Indian Cuisine is one of the toughest cuisines to
master because of the following reasons:
a. The evolution of 8,000 years
b. There are at least 40 spices that make up various dishes
c. Indian Cuisine is known to have over 800+ vegetable preparations
d. There are at least 20 types of bread made across India
Considering the complexity of Indian cuisine, I’ve come up with 5 very important hacks to
master the Indian cuisine and have your family and friends fall in love with your food, so here
are the 5 hacks:

1. How to prepare soft bread, like Rotis, etc.?

Rotis usually don’t take a lot of time. However, if you’re not an expert in making soft
dough from wheat for the bread/ roti, here’s the trick that you can use:
⇒ Knead the dough with some milk in it, this will not only keep the roti soft but also
let it be fresh for long.

2. Hacks to Halwas

When preparing halwa like Daal-based, or Suji-based halwa, use the following trick:
⇒ Just add half a teaspoon of besan (gram flour), this will not only enhance the
colour of the halwa, but also the overall flavour.

3. What to do when you’ve added too much salt to the food?

Does the food go to waste? Not at all, here’s the trick you should use:
⇒ Add a few spoons of milk, this will neutralise the flavour of the dish. If you feel that
the dish is becoming too watery, just add a small number of potatoes to the dish and
that will soak up all the water.

4. Indians love Paneer-preparations, don’t they?

But how to keep Paneer/ Cottage Cheese fresh for a long time?
⇒ Place the Paneer in blotting paper before you keep it in a refrigerator. Also, you
can boil the paneer instead of frying it to keep it soft/ moist & spongy.

5. Tomato is used in almost all the dishes, isn’t it?

But a lot of times the tomato goes overripe! What to do then?
⇒ Place the overripe tomatoes in cold water & add some salt to the vessel for one
night! This will make them fresh, and firm the next morning itself!

Hack to peel the tomato very easily!
⇒ Place the fresh tomato in hot water for a couple of minutes, not exceeding 15
minutes, take them out and you’ll see the peel come off in mere seconds just by the
slide of your fingers!
Happy cooking!
Chef Taruna Birla