5-minutes Preparations: Chocolate Banana Mug Pudding

5-minutes Recipes for Indian Housewives
Vol. 1
Chocolate Banana Mug Pudding

I’ve noticed that at all times, we all may not be as enthusiastic about cooking as we are on
general days! I thought why not create a solution for the same, which is a win-win situation
for our kids, family & friends!
So here is the first 5-Minutes Recipe:

Chocolate Bana Mug Pudding

1. Slice a piece of bread into multiple small cubes
2. In a bowl, add baking soda, milk & chocolate/ cocoa powder, and give it a
thorough stir
3. In the microwave, place half of the sliced bread and put banana slices and
chocolate chips as per taste & desire.
4. The rest of the bread slices should be placed now and pour the baking soda
mixture into the mug.
5. Microwave for approximately 2 minutes at the default temperature or until the
baking soda makes the dish rise.
6. You can top it off with ice cream & chocolate syrup!
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Happy Cooking!
Chef Taruna Birla