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A kitchen geek is what they called me and I’ve always been! It’s a proud little name I’ll take other than being called chef obviously.

Baking gives me the amount of pleasure no other thing can give, and deciding to dedicate my life to it is one of the best decisions I’ve made, other than eating the whole chocolate cake obviously! 😉

Sweet Tooth, I’ve always had! So, I needed to make sure I satisfy my cravings everyday! A passion for cooking and teaching is what you’ll see in this secret recipe book! Shhhh!


Luscious Love From Mom provides you 35 delicious and full vegetarian recipes which you can easily make at your home for your kids.

As you know now a days kids hate green vegetables, fruits and vegetables which are rich in proteins so here Luscious Love From Mom will help you to provide a diet full of proteins to your toddlers.