Food Ideas for keeping Fit with Work from Home

Food Ideas for keeping Fit with Work from Home

Work from home has become a never-ending part of our business/ job routine in this
pandemic! While I wish that you all are safe, with your families & loved ones in your houses,
here are some tips and food ideas on how to stay fit while working from home:

1. Have a protein-rich & fibre-rich breakfast, like

a. Sprouts-Preparations
b. Oatmeals
c. Soy Dosa
d. Soy-Smoothies
e. Tofu-scrambles
f. Cottage Cheese Sandwiches
g. Soy Paneer/ Paneer Salads
⇒ Could alternatively saute as per taste

2. Munchies & Snacking

I know how much the need of munching while working, watching a movie,
chitchatting with friends & family is so important! Here are some healthy munching
options for the same:
a. Seeds Preparations, one could go for a mix of the following
i. Watermelon Seeds
ii. Chia Seeds
iii. Pumpkin Seeds
iv. Sunflower Seeds
v. Sesame Seeds
vi. Flax Seeds, etc.
b. Mixed Nuts
i. Walnuts
ii. Cashew
iii. Peanuts, etc.
c. Dark Chocolate
d. Yoghurt Preparations
e. Berries Mix
f. Bell-pepper mix preparations
g. Chips
i. Kale Chips
ii. Saffron Road Baked Lentil Chips
iii. Home-made Veggie Sliced Chips
iv. Roasted or Baked Banana Chips
h. Cheese Olive Sandwiches

3. 4-5 Meals/ Day with 2-3 hours of interval

In times of less movement, one should follow low-calorie diets, like:
a. Kabuli Chana Biryani
b. Bajra, Whole Moong & Peas Khichdi
c. Raita Preparations
d. Multigrain Rotis, like Bajra, Makka, etc.
e. Lentil Daals, mixed-daals, etc.
I’ll soon be sharing blogs on low-calorie dishes!
Stay tuned!
Happy cooking!
Chef Taruna Birla